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We dont have 47 diferent strains from Seedsman in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

African Buzz stock:Available
Ata Tundra stock:Available
Auto Blue stock:Available
Auto Diesel x Auto Blue stock:Available
Auto Great White stock:Available
Auto Kush stock:Available
Auto Lemon stock:Available
Auto Mini Gun stock:Available
Auto Moscow stock:Available
Big Afghan Skunk stock:Available
Californian Skunk Haze stock:Available
Colombian Red Haze stock:Available
Early Durban stock:Available
G13 Haze stock:Available
G13 Skunk stock:Available
Hash Passion stock:Available
Hawaiian Skunk stock:Available
Haze Mix stock:Available
Hindu Kush Skunk stock:Available
Indian Haze stock:Available
Indian Skunk stock:Available
Jungle Wreck stock:Available
Kandy Kush x Skunk #1 stock:Available
Kerala stock:Available
Mama Mia stock:Available
Mama Thai stock:Available
Mazar I Sharif stock:Available
Mazari stock:Available
Narkush stock:Available
Nemesis stock:Available
Northern Lights stock:Available
Northern Soul stock:Available
Original Afghani #1 stock:Available
Original Haze stock:Available
Original Skunk #1 stock:Available
Power Africa stock:Available
Purple Bud stock:Available
Skunk Haze stock:Available
Skunk Mix stock:Available
Sugar Haze stock:Available
Swazi Skunk stock:Available
The Resinator stock:Available
Top Skunk 44 stock:Available
Velvet Bud stock:Available
White Widow stock:Available
Wonder Woman stock:Available